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Wedding Guest List program creates Lightroom Keyword Lists

Speeding the Wedding Photographer workflow, and increasing sales..

A major post-wedding task for any photographer is to identify who is who in your images. You are probably well-used to questions such as: "Have you got a photo of the best man with the matron of honor?" "How many photos do you have of the bride's mother?" "I'd like to buy all the photos you have with the Flower Girls in them." We all know that a correctly-tagged set of images results in higher sales for you, and with the new facial-tagging features of Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC it is now quick and easy to locate all the photos of each person in your shots. But although Lightroom can now find all the photos of a person, we still need to tell Lightroom who an identified image represents, so that a name can be applied to all the occurrences of that person when found.

Here's an idea: wouldn't it be useful to not only identify people by their name: 'John Doe', but also by their function at the wedding: 'Groom > John Doe', or 'Aunt of the Bride > Helen Smith'. Wouldn't it be useful to have a pre-ordered hierarchy of everyone who is likely to be at the wedding, and to be able to add their names and then import the list to Lightroom for instant facial tagging. Wouldn't it be useful if these keywords kept to their own area of the Lightroom keyword list, so they can be located when needed and deleted when you have finished with them. Wouldn't it be useful if this list was created automatically and error-checked before import.

That's exactly what the Wedding Guest List program does. Starting with a pre-defined list of wedding participants, it helps you add the guest-name to their function, before exporting a list that loads straight into Lightroom, Photo-Mechanic, Breeze Browser Pro, or other photo-management programs. The Wedding Guest List program is simple to use, and comes with full instructions, so you can even give the program to a member of the bride or groom's family and get them to create the list for you. As the program is licensed as Shareware, it won't cost them anything to do this, as long as they take less than 30 days to create their list.

Program FAQ

Where can this list be used? - The lists that the 'Wedding Guest List' program produces can be used by any program that imports hierarchical tab-delimited keyword lists, such as Lightroom, Photo-Mechanic, Breeze Browser Pro, or other photo-management programs.

Who can use this list? - Although primarily designed for users of the Photo-Keyword.Com Keyword Lists, the lists that the 'Wedding Guest List' program produces can be used by any Lightroom user, or user of other programs that use hierarchical lists, whether or not they already have other keyword lists installed.

Will it affect existing keywords? - As long as you don't already have a top level category '[7 - SPECIALIST] > [7-01 WEDDING]', then this list will sit neatly by itself and not affect any of your existing keywords. It can be added or deleted whenever you like, without affecting other keywords.

Can I have multiple lists? - Yes, you can have multiple Wedding Guest Lists installed in Lightroom at the same time. There's a section in the program Help Guide which explains how to do this. They will keep themselves separate, and will not mix with other lists.

I already have one of your lists - If you use one of my Keyword Lists already, you'll find that the Wedding Guest List will integrate perfectly, and can be easily located when needed in the carefully though-out hierarchy that makes my lists so popular with pro and amateur photographers alike.

What computers will this program run on? - The 'Wedding Guest List' program runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

How much does it cost? - The program is Shareware. The free trial period is 30 days. After that, you will need to purchase a license, which costs just 25.00 USD. Choose a different currency in the top right of the page. To purchase a license, click the PayPal button..

Wedding Guest List Download

To obtain your copy of the Wedding Guest List program with its free trial period of 30 days, please enter your details in the boxes below. An email will be sent to you with the Download Link.

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