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A Photography Keyword List - Customized to YOUR Personal Location

Most Keyword List users need a range geographic entities (countries, states and cities) in their catalog, but these entries should be useful to you, and not clog up your image-processing program. If you are a photographer from England, it would be useful to have a list of all those towns and counties to work from. If you are from Texas, it would be useful to list all the populated places from there. If these two don't apply, there's no point having those details in your list.

That is why the '' Hierarchical Image Keyword Catalog is so unique: there are currently 119 different versions of the Keyword Catalog, carefully chosen to match the area YOU are interested in. All the US states, commonwealths, and territories are there, with the populated places for each one. There's also different versions for Australia, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, listing those states, provinces, or counties with their own populated places. If you are a world traveler you can choose a version with every country and state in the world. If you are after a minimalist list, you can choose just the countries of the world, or the countries of the world + the US states. There are Keyword Lists for Australia and New Zealand, with lots of local information. There are lists for many other countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America too. You choose - they all cost the same price.

Further List Personalization
Here's an idea: wouldn't it be neat it the list was personalized further. Not just the towns in your state or country, but how about the birds in your area, and the trees and flowers too? There is no point padding-out my list with a lot of wildlife or plants that you will never experience, is there?

The good news is that this has all been done, plus a lot more besides. Here are some of the ways that each version of the '' Hierarchical Image Keyword List is personalized to the area that you choose:

Custom Versions
If you require states and populated places for a country not already included, or need a mix of multiple states and populated places to suit your exact requirements, please contact me for details. I am always happy to produce customised lists for my customers.

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