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Product Taxonomies for Amazon, Bing, eBay and Google

My keyword lists contain a huge range of easy-to-find, carefully organised everyday items that are ideal for all aspects of general and specialized photo-tagging and image keywording. However, some people want *everything*, and when that comes to retail purchasing, and you need a list that contain practically every tiny detail of items available in a store, it is hard to beat the extensive product taxonomies from the major retailers such as Amazon, Bing, eBay and Google.

These huge lists are all available online, but their format is not very friendly or easy to use. They are generally supplied in an un-sorted flatfile-format, and can contain line-errors, format-errors, or characters such as punctuation and foreign accented letters that are not allowed in most image processing and storage software.

To help you around these problems, I now supply processed versions of these lists. They have been converted into correctly formatted tab-indented lists, suitable for direct import into Lightroom, Bridge, Breeze Browser Pro, Photo Mechanic, FotoStation, and other programs.

I do not charge for the data for these lists, which is already in the public domain, but ask for a small amount to cover the extra work involved in creating a correctly formatted list: 10.00 USD for each list.

The available product taxonomy lists are:

Amazon product taxonomy13628 lines
eBay Dutch product taxonomy3510 lines
eBay Great Britain product taxonomy14825 lines
eBay French product taxonomy7000 lines
eBay German product taxonomy17197 lines
eBay Ireland product taxonomy14677 lines
eBay Italian product taxonomy6608 lines
eBay Spanish product taxonomy4930 lines
eBay USA product taxonomy20431 lines
Google/Bing English GB/AU & US product taxonomy5427 lines
Google/Bing Brasilian/Portugese product taxonomy5427 lines
Google/Bing Danish product taxonomy5426 lines
Google/Bing French product taxonomy5427 lines
Google/Bing German product taxonomy5427 lines
Google/Bing Italian product taxonomy5427 lines
Google/Bing Netherlands product taxonomy5427 lines
Google/Bing Norwegian product taxonomy5427 lines
Google/Bing Spanish product taxonomy5427 lines
Google/Bing Swedish product taxonomy5427 lines


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