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How to Mark Files as Favorites


If you are using certain files quite regularly, it is useful to mark them as 'Favorites'. Doing so gives you the following advantages:

1/ Favorites are easy to access from the 'Favorites' page, even if they haven't been used for some time.

2/ All Bookmarks for Favorites are maintained, even if the file is not in the Recent Files list.

3/ You can add Comments to an entry for a Favorites file, which is useful if files have similar filenames.

4/ You can sort your list of Favorites in many different ways, by clicking a Favorites column-header.

5/ You can Pin the position of a file in the Favorites list, making it easy to locate.

6/ You can quickly see the size, modified date, attributes, and path of any Favorites file.

7/ Favorites files are quick to open in the current Workspace page, a new page, or in the ScratchPad.