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How to Add Notes to a List


The Tab-Indented Tools program lets you add your own notes to any line in your tab-indented list. These notes will be preserved between sessions if the file is in the Recent Files list, or if the file has been marked as one of your Favorites. You can also export all the notes to the Clipboard. To add notes to a line in your list, we use Bookmarks. Click the Bookmarks Margin (to the right of the line-numbers) to add or remove a Bookmark. You can also add and remove bookmarks by right-clicking in the Tree Viewer. Click 'Tools > Bookmarks' to see the Bookmarks page. Individual Bookmarks are listed in the box on the right. Each one is given an index number. Initially the text is set to the first 48 characters of the line text, but if you right-click a Bookmark and choose 'Edit Bookmark Label', a window will show with the existing text already added. Edit or replace the text as you like, then click 'OK'. The revised text will now appear in the list of Bookmarks, and will be preserved as long as the Bookmark is not deleted. To export all Bookmarks text for the current page, click the 'Tools > Bookmarks > Copy Text for all Bookmarks on this page to the Clipboard' button. You can then paste the Clipboard text somewhere else, to examine or save it.


See the 'Bookmarks' page for more information.