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Copy Page to Clipboard  -  Copies the current Workspace page into the clipboard, abandoning any previous clipboard contents without warning.

Replace Page with Clipboard  -  Replaces the current Workspace page contents with the clipboard. An overwrite-check is made first.

Swap Page with Clipboard  -  Swaps the content of the clipboard with the contents of the current Workspace page.

Append Clipboard  -  Appends the contents of the clipboard to the end of the current Workspace page.

Insert Clipboard  -  Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the current caret position.

Go to Line Number  (Ctrl+G)  -  Lets you jump to a specified line-number. Scrolls the Workspace text to make that line visible. 

Lock Page  (Ctrl+L)  -  Turns the state of the current page into Read-Only. If already in a Read-Only state, it will reverse it.

Delete Page  (Ctrl+W)  -  Closes the current Workspace page. Checks that it is OK to abandon the current page content first.