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The 'Misc' section contains a number of miscellaneous program-settings that can be changed and stored.


The 4 'Styling' check-boxes determine if text surrounded by that type of bracket will be colored.


Line-numbers and Tools-Tips can be turned on and off, and you can also disable 'Caret-Line Highlighting', which changes the background-color of the line on the Workspace page that the caret is currently on.


You can alter the apparent-width of a tab-character compared to a space-character with the 'Tab-Character Width' setting. It is a good idea to use a value of at least 6 characters, as this emphasizes the indentations when creating a tab-indented list.


You can change the width of the Workspace caret (cursor) from 1 to 4 pixels. Some people find that narrow caret is too easy to miss, which is why the default value is 2.