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Many programs that use tab-indented lists can not cope with characters that fall outside of the normal ASCII character set. An easy way to get caught out is to use words with so-called 'foreign characters' in them: in other words, containing accented letters, or letters with diacritics or diacritical marks. Even a word as basic as caf� may cause a problem. Although not ideal, a way chosen by many is to 'Transliterate' the character set, replacing the accented letters with an equivalent from the standard ASCII character set.


Although this may keep your end-user program happy, problems still arise. For one thing, different nationalities prefer their characters transliterated in different ways. An exchange of letters that works for one nationality may be unsuitable for another.


The Tab-List Tools program gets around this by providing a transliteration tool with multiple settings: Default, which works for most languages that use the standard a-z alphabet, and Danish, German, or Swedish alternatives, that should be chosen if you are transliterating text from those languages.