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Smart Editing


Smart Editing - The idea behind the tools in this panel is to let you work on tab-indented lists without worrying about the indents. You can create a list of word with no indents at all, then paste them in place and have the errors adjusted automatically. Smart Editing uses the text from the ScratchPad, thus letting you see exactly what is happening before you do it. Note that existing text in the ScratchPad will be lost when you load new text there. The Smart Edit tools are:


    Smart Cut - Cuts a selection of lines out of the page, and removes the indents from that section to get the line with the lowest indent-count to zero. It then reports on the matching of the lines on either side of the removed section, and places the result in the ScratchPad.


    Smart Copy - Copies a selection of lines without having to worry about the exact position of the cursor. It removes the indents in the same way as 'Smart Cut', and copies the result to the ScratchPad.


    Smart Paste - Pastes the ScratchPad text at the caret-position, adjust the indents of the pasted text to match the previous line. It then reports on the compatibility when matching the lines at the start and end of the selection, if there might be a problem.


    Smart Delete - Works just the same as 'Smart Cut', but abandons the text after removing it. The ScratchPad is not affected.


Note: The 'Smart Cut' and 'Smart Delete' actions affect the text within the current window rather than placing the changes in a new window, as the other tools on this and other pages do.