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Tools Pages


Most of Tab-List Tool's functionality can be found within one of the eleven Tools pages. You can access any Tools page by clicking on an upper tab in the Tools area.


The 'Tools' area can be hidden or shown by clicking 'View > Hide Tools' in the Menu Bar, or by pressing 'Control+Shift+T' on your keyboard. This can be useful if you need more space on your screen whilst working in the WorkSpace area.


The Tools pages are:


Errors  -  Check the Status of a page in the Workspace. Search for and identify errors.


Hierarchy  -  Examine and step-through the hierarchy of a tab-indented list.


Bookmarks  -  Create and identify Bookmarks for any line in your list. Add comments to any line.


Text Process  -  Select text in many different ways, then change case, add or delete characters & indents.


Edit  -  Adjust whitespace, add indent sections, sub-divide list alphabetically, fix positions.


Duplicates  -  Find and step-through tab-indented list duplicates by group and by individual duplicate. 


Sort  -  Sort a tab-indented list by local PC settings or choose specific Culture settings.


Compare  -  Compare two tab-indented lists, step-through results, and output differences.


Search/Replace  -  Search and Replace text within an existing Workspace page.


Convert  -  Convert a tab-indented list to FlatFile, CSV, or SQL data-formats.


Testing  -  Use supplied lists to test the program and learn more about the tab-indented format.