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Tab-List Tools Features


Work on multiple tab-indented lists simultaneously.


Save comments for any line in your tab-indented list.


Visualize a tab-indented list in familiar tree format.


Full list hierarchy check with expand and collapse.


Double clipboards with smart-features for easy editing.


Automatic tab-indenting when adding new data.


Build long lists from short files automatically.


Split long lists by hierarchy or bookmark positions.


Error-check any tab-indented list in ten different ways.


Step through errors, hierarchy, and bookmarks.


Multiple list selection and processing tasks.


Add, remove or adjust indents on multiple levels.


Add new indent sections with optional headers.


Trim whitespace, add, remove or replace any text.


Sub-divide long list-sections alphabetically.


Fix or unfix category positions before sorting.


Find, group, and step through word duplicates.


Sort in local or culture-specific variants.


Monitor exactly how a sort has performed.


Compare two list's differences in five different ways.


Full search and replace with multiple ignore-types.


Convert a list to flatfile, CSV, or SQL formats.


Integrated file-explorer for easy file access.


Create and share your own theme color schemes.