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How to Build a List from Smaller Files


To build a tab-indented list from a number of smaller files, such as we generated by splitting a larger file,  we will use the List Builder facility, which is located in the top-right 'Extensions' section of your screen. If it is not currently showing, click 'View > Show Extensions' from the Menu Bar, or press 'Ctrl+Shift+E' on your keyboard. Select the 'List Builder' page.


The names of the smaller files that we will use to build a larger one, and their positions relative to each other, are stored in a 'Recipe'. These Recipes can be loaded and saved, as you like. To create a new Recipe, enter a Recipe Name in the upper 'Recipe Name' box. The name should only contain a-z, A-Z, 0-9, period, space, hyphen, or underline characters. It should also be at least 4 characters in length. Click the 'New Recipe' button, and the Recipe Name label will turn green, indicating that it is ready to start accepting files.


To add a file, click the 'Add' button, then navigate to the first file for your recipe. The files can have any name, they do not have to be the ones generated by Tab-List Tools. The file will be added to the list, and the number of indents on the file's first and last lines will be shown in the 'Start' and 'End' columns. The 'Recipe Name' label will turn red, indicating that the recipe has been altered. The 'Recipe Name' box will turn green, showing that everything is OK. Add a second file, and notice that the boxes in the 'Start' column for the second file and the 'End' column for the first file will be colored green if the indent values between files are compatible, or red if there is a problem. Errors are defined by these simple rules: The first file must have 0 start-indents. The second, and subsequent files must have not more than 1 indents greater than the previous file has.


The scroll-bar at the bottom of the List Builder shows you additional information for each file: the number of lines in each file, its size in Bytes, its Last-Modified date and time, its Attributes, and it's File Path. There is a final section marked 'Comment'. If you right-click any file in the List Builder, you can choose 'Add/Edit Comment' and add a comment for that file. This can be useful to remind you of the file version, or other information.


You can view the files if you need to, by right-clicking one and choosing 'View in Current Page' or 'View in New Page'. The files will be opened in 'Read-Only' mode to stop you editing them by mistake, though you can turn the lock off if you wish by clicking 'Edit > Unlock Page' in the Menu Bar, or by pressing 'Ctrl+L' on your keyboard.


You can rearrange the order of files in the List Builder by selecting one, then clicking the 'Remove', 'Up', or 'Down' buttons. Resultant indent-mismatches will be reported. When you are satisfied with your Recipe, click the 'Save Recipe' button. The 'Recipe Name' label and box will turn blue, to show that the Recipe has indeed been saved, and a popup-box will confirm the filename that it has been saved with. The file-type for Photo-Keywords List Builder Recipes is '.pklb'.


To build a Recipe, click the 'Build' button. A file-dialog will open, letting you choose the filename and path. When the file has been saved, a message-box will confirm this, and give you the option of viewing the completed file in a Workspace page.